Marc Gunn, Bard Autoharpist of Mage Network

Autoharp Accessories for Serious Autoharpists

The autoharp is not an easy instrument to go shopping for. Fortunately, I found some great places to buy autoharp accessories online from cases to strings, tuners to tuning wrenches. If there's something missing, please feel free to let me know, and I'll see if I can find a great deal on 'em.

Disclosure: All of these books can be purchased through my affiliate at Amazon. I will earn a commission. If you find a better site that will save you money getting started, please let me know. Feel free to use whatever to save you money.

Autoharp Strings

  • Autoharp Strings - Model B: You can buy a full-set of autoharp strings at about 30% off the list price through Amazon. No individual strings, but a good deal for your backup set of strings.

    NOTE: If you play an autoharp made in the early 70s or earlier, you will need to get Model A Strings.

  • Autoharp Quarterly: This magazine and site is now owned by Pete d'Aigle. Whenever I need individual autoharp strings or just about any gear, I buy direct from Pete.

  • Bob Lewis' Autoharp Works: Bob sells both individual strings and full sets of Fladmark autoharp strings at decent prices.

  • Elderly Instruments: Elderly sells single autoharp strings too for a lower price than Autoharp Works, but not if ye need them soon.


Tuning Your Autoharp


Autoharp Cases

  • d'Aigle Soft shell case : Tough American made case.  Comes with handle and shoulder strap, large storage pocket Firm thick padding, heavy binding. Fits most custom and factory autoharps, designed for firm fit. I own two of these cases. They're twice the cost of the cases below, but MUCH better quality. I highly recommend them.

  • Oscar Schmidt Autoharp Gig Bag : Zippered, padded nylon bag fits 15-chord or 21-chord autoharps. Accomodates autoharps up to 23" long; 12" wide at the wide end; 5" wide at the narrow end. Not super durable, but inexpensive and convienent.

  • Oscar Schmidt AC448 Vinyl Semi-Hardshell Autoharp Case: Vinyl Semi-Hardshell case for the Autoharp. I tried an older model of this case. It didn't last long so I don't prefer it.


Autoharp Finger Picks


Autoharp Felts

  • Autoharp Quarterly Felts : I'm sure most of the custom luthiers also sell autoharp felts, but I couldn't find them at all through Amazon. So if you need felts, then check out the Autoharp Quarterly Marketplace.