Marc Gunn, Bard Autoharpist of Mage Network

Autoharpist guide to being added to Autoharp Radio

Do you have recorded Autoharp Music? Submit it.

Back in September 2000, I got started posting our music on Our music took off, and we were the first group with an autoharpist to have an Top 40 hit. Soon, I realized that there was a great opportunity here for making autoharp music more accessible online.

So I posted an offer to the Cyberpluckers that I would like to extend to all autoharpists. Basically, if you send me your album or any recording of your music, I will post three songs on this website for free.

I have set up Carol Stober, The Kilby Brothers, Les Gustafson-Zook, Mary Umbarger, Bobbi Roberts, and Mountain Fling. You can listen to their music on Autoharp Radio. If you upload all the songs from your album, you can also make it available for sale directly from, which will greatly increase the chances of it selling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many songs will you add to the radio station?

I'll add 3 songs from any album at absolutely no cost. It's FREE! Periodically, I'll rotate the songs on the station.

What formats do you accept?

CD, cassette tape, vinyl

Can I post more than three songs?

Yes, but I only do three for free. After that it costs depending on the format and number of albums.

What is an MP3?

An MP3 is a form of digital compression. Basically, a computer program takes an audio file and reduces its size to something that is more easily downloadable.

How do I get my music listed with the other Autoharp CDs?

Send me a link. It's that easy. I'll be happy to add a link. I do ask that you return the favor and add the following link:

<a href="">Autoharp Radio and Autoharp Music Tips</a>