Marc Gunn, Bard Autoharpist of Mage Network


So what's the big difference between Chromaharps and Autoharps? The main difference is the brand name. Chromaharp is a trademarked name from Rhythm Band, and I think, the Chromaharp has 37 instead of 36 strings. I've never really played one, so I'm not that familiar with them. But if you'd prefer a less expensive 'harp, try the Chromaharp.

Disclosure: These links go to my amazon affiliate. I may earn a commission on chromaharps you purchase through my link. I've found that Amazon usually offers the best deal on new autoharps, but feel free to look around.

Oscar Schmidt - OS15B 15-Chord Chromaharp

This autoharp has the following chords; Eb, D, F7, Gm, Bb, A7, C7, Dm, F, E7, G7, Am, C, D7, and G. The 15 chord bars provide the primary chords of seven keys. Features torsion-tight tuning pins, pre-stressed maple frame, durable chord bars, Nylock® chord bar buttons, sunburst finish, maple top and back and a magnificent tone chamber. Comes complete with accessories. The manufacturer also offers a 5 year limited warranty on the frame and a three year limited warranty on chord bar mechanism.

21 Chord Chromaharp 21-Chord Electric Chromaharp

The following 21 chord bars enable the player to literally play hundreds of songs; Eb, Bb, F, C, G, D, A, F7, C7, G7, D7, A7, E7, B7, Ab, Bb7, Cm, Gm, Dm, Am, Em. Accurate, positive, fast chord production is assured as a result of the ligthweight chord bars which require only the lightest touch. Construction and design feature torsion-tight tuning pins, pre-stressed maple frame, ample top and back with high gloss finish. This model looks as good as it sounds. A five year limited warranty on the frame and a three year limited warranty on chord bar mechanism come with the deal as do accessories. This instrument may be played through an electric amplifier.

Chromaharp Accessories

Many things like strings and such are not interchangeable between autoharps and chromaharps. So make sure you know what you have. If you are going for the Chromaharp, click the link above and search for " chromaharp " to find strings, felts, gig bags, tuning wrenches and more.